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Le Régence and Louis XV (Rococo): 1700–1760

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Rococo is the style and symbol of the French aristocracy in the first half of the 18th century. The name comes from rocaille (small rockeries) and coquille (cockle shell); the latter is a common motif. the style is asymmetrical, light in scale, and defined by curvilinear, naturalistic ornament. Themes and motifs include romance, country life, the exotic, fantasy, and gaiety. The style’s finest and most complete expression is in interiors, which display complete unity between decoration and furniture.

When Louis XIV dies in 1715, his grandson, who is next in line, is only five years old. Louis XIV had left France heavily in debt from various wars and the royal building campaigns. High taxes, wars, loss of the New World colonies, corruption, and mismanagement cripple France and increase dissatisfaction and unrest among the middle and lower classes. 


Motifs:  Motifs. Engaged columns, pilasters, pediments, quoins, stringcourses, brackets, and corbels appear sparingly and discretely on exteriors. Interior and furniture motifs include flowers, bouquets tied with ribbon, baskets of flowers, garlands, shells, Chinoiserie and singerie designs, romantic landscapes, Italian comedy figures, musical instruments, hunting and fishing symbols, cupids, bows and arrows, torches, shepherds and shepherdesses, Turkish arabesques and figures, pastoral emblems such as shepherd crooks, and an allover trellis pattern with flowers in the center of intersecting lines.





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